Effectiveness of psychosocial support provided by midwives and family on preventing postpartum depression among first-time adolescent mothers at 3-month follow-up: A randomised controlled trial
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Bussara Sangsawang , Wannee Deoisres , Pornpat Hengudomsub , Nucharee Sangsawang
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30 มิ.ย. 2563
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Journal of Clinical Nursing
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Wiley Online Library
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Abstract Aims and objectives To evaluate the effectiveness of a midwife-family provided social support programme (MFPSS programme) for first-time adolescent mothers on preventing postpartum depression (PPD) at 3-month postpartum. Background Adolescent mothers with lack of social support are a high-risk group for increasing the development of PPD. Interventions designed to promote social support and provided to mothers following childbirth have a more effective role in preventing PPD. Design The Consolidated Standards of Reporting Trials (CONSORT) guidelines for a single-blinded randomised controlled trial were conducted. Methods Forty-two adolescent mothers were randomly assigned to 4-week MFPSS programme plus routine care (n = 21) and routine care only (n = 21). PPD was measured using the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS), rates and severity at baseline, post-test, 6-week and 3-month postpartum follow-ups. Repeated measures ANOVA and Cohen's d were used to analyse the data. Results At the last follow-up, 20 (95.24%) participants remained in each group. Data were analysed based on 40 adolescent mothers. After the intervention, the mean EPDS scores in the intervention group were significantly lower than the same scores in the control group at post-test, 6-week and 3-month postpartum follow-ups. Similarly, the rates and severity of PPD in the intervention group were also lower than the control group at post-test, 6-week and 3-month postpartum follow-ups. Conclusion Psychosocial support interventions designed to incorporate support from midwives and family members is an effective intervention for preventing PPD in first-time adolescent mothers and the preventive effect is sustained for up to 3-month postpartum.
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