Postpartum Depression in Indonesian Mothers: Its Changes and Predicting Factors
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Irma Nurbaeti , Wannee Deoisres , Pornpat Hengudomsub
เผยแพร่วันที่ :
30 มิ.ย. 2561
วารสารวิชาการ :
Pacific Rim International Journal of Nursing Research
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Thailand Nursing and Midwifery Council
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Postpartum depression is a serious mental disorder that affects 10%-20% mothers and occurs mostly within the first three months after birth. The purpose of this study was to explore the changes in postpartum depression over three months and to investigate selected predictors including childcare stress, marital satisfaction, self-esteem, life stress, social support, family income, and baby gender preference on changes in depression over three months’ postpartum. A prospective longitudinal study was carried out in a sample of 283 mothers at 1, 2 and 3 months postpartum. The participants were recruited by cluster sampling during January – June 2016 from four public health centers in Indonesia. Postpartum depression was assessed using the Indonesian version of the EdinburgPostnatal Depression Scale. Data were collected at home visits. A one-way repeated measure ANOVAand Multilevel Linear Modeling wereperformedfor statistical analysis.Results showed that the prevalence of postpartum depression was 18.37%, 15.19%, and 26.15% at one, two and three months, respectively. The mean scores using the Scale increased significantly during the first 3 months postpartum. Predicting factors that affected the change in postpartum depression over the 3 months werechildcare stress, marital satisfaction, life stress, and non-acceptance of baby gender. These findings emphasize the need for nurses to screen for maternal depressive symptoms and design intervention programs to alleviate postpartum depression.
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