Factors affecting health literacy in hypertensive elder adults: an integrative review
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Nattaphat Janchai , Wannee Deoisres
เผยแพร่วันที่ :
30 มิ.ย. 2563
วารสารวิชาการ :
Thai Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Nursing
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Health literacy is defined as individuals’ ability to access, understand, and assess health-rel ated information to make health-related decisions. Health literacy in hypertension can be considered closely related to health outcome of hypertensive elder adults. Low health literacy negatively impacts people’s health according to numerous studies. The purpose of this integrative review is to examine which factors mostly influence health literacy in hypertensive elder adults. Literature review based on integrative review was utilized in order to provide comprehensive view and understanding of the phenomenon. This review is based on studies extracted from three electronic databases (CINHAL, Science Direct and Google Scholar) between 1998 to 2020. Findings demonstrated that the factors that influence health literacy in hypertensive elder adults are age, gender, education levels, and knowledge of hypertension. Nurses should promote the hypertensive elderly adults to increase health literacy by providing the following: 1) access to hypertension-related information and services, 2) knowledge and understanding of hypertension disease, 3) communication skills of hypertension health, 4) decision-making skills of hypertension lifestyle modification and behavior 5) Self-management skills of hypertension disease.
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