Management Strategies Used by Thai Postpartum Women with Maternity Blues
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Rachada Phuangprasonka , Wannee Deoisres , Kanoknuch Chunlestskul
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31 ส.ค. 2564
วารสารวิชาการ :
Journal of Food Health and Bioenvironmental Science
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Research and Development institute Suan Dusit University
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Background: Maternity blues is mood change during the first week of postpartum. Woman who has maternity blues experiences may be at increased risk for postpartum depression. The purpose of this study was to explore the management strategies used by Thai postpartum women with maternity blues. Method: A qualitative method, which examines subject postpartum blues experiences. Studies of a sample of 20 maternity blues women during the first 7 day after delivery were recruited.In-depthinterview was conducted to conclude the thematic and details of management strategies used by Thai postpartum women with Maternity blues by content analysis. Results: The postpartum women used the strategies to decrease maternity blues symptoms appropriately. The strategies began by them that perceive the maternity blues symptoms, and tried to manage their symptoms. The management strategies used by the participants in this study indicated five themes, whichare(1) Ventfeelings,(2) Relaxingactivities,(3) Self-encouragement, (4) Finding helps, and (5)Information seeking. Conclusion: The postpartum women with maternity blues needed closely helping by the wise person. The important to helping a maternity blues woman through this period is consistent support from social, especially family members. Furthermore, they tried to manage their symptoms towards the way they feeling for those well into their recovery from their blues.After participants use such a strategy what follows is a contribution to overcome maternity blues experience and to enjoy and build support for the role of the mother as well.
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